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461 additional units are now available, bringing the total number of units to 1482. Existing units have been

  • revised,
  • supplemented with additional attributes according to E DIN 4002-16:2010-01,
  • made upwardly compatible,

and are now available as updated versions.

The system of quantities and the corresponding system of units in DINsml.net are structured in such a manner that it is possible to represent all quantities used in electronic data exchange - in association with properties - together with their related units.

Units assigned to the same dimension of a quantity are interrelated through association with an equation and have an identical attribute "reference unit ". For this reason, values for the same dimension representing a quantity are mutually converted on the basis of this mathematical relationship.

The attribute "aspect of conversion" represents the basic units assigned to the dimension of the quantity under consideration. The "conversion factor" represents the linear relationship between any unit assigned to the dimension and the basic unit(s) of this dimension.

The DIN Properties Dictionary makes available standardized properties and application classes according to DIN 4002-100 and standardized product properties by IEC.

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